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Elijah's Truth - Families


  The Asker Family

39 years ago, adoption entered my life. My parents had struggled to have children and were in process of adoption when they found out they were pregnant with me. They never did follow through with adopting more children. Then after having our daughter, I tried to talk my husband into adopting. I did not enjoy pregnancy or the c-section delivery and recovery. Then we found we were pregnant with our son.

Two and a half years ago, I sat in a MOPS meeting, listening to another mom share about how she and her family were in process of adopting a son from Africa. We shared a LOT in common: both campus pastors, with “homemade” kids yet moms who weren’t especially maternal. After 20 minutes, I knew we would adopt. I think I called or texted my husband these simple words: we are supposed to adopt. In the next months that was confirmed.

We chose international adoption primarily for two reasons. First, I was not interested in the complications that seem to arise from the domestic open adoptions. (After reading more, I see many benefits to this. But at the time I just didn’t feel ready for that.)

Secondly, we love international students and culture. We work for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and have so appreciated the kingdom worldview shared in our movement. Every tongue and nation will one day worship Him and we love being a small part of that on earth. Having our family reflect the diversity of God’s people is exciting. We have had many Malaysian students as an intricate part of our lives in the past, plus I was born in Japan and my mom was a Korean missionary. We have a deep affinity with Asian culture. Oh and we love the food!

Our biggest challenge was selecting the special needs program. I was eager to speed up the process and being willing to receive a child with needs ensured that. We were also open to boys or girls who were older than 2. We had numerous checklists to work through. They listed every special need imaginable and those unimaginable. We Googled many conditions and were broken hearted for some of these children struggling in the world.

We were granted our “referral” just one month after being eligible. Chen Xuan Song’s pictures and story were just what we were waiting for: he had a repaired cleft lip and palate. He was almost 3. We couldn’t wait to meet him.

We had 2 weeks to pick his name. We chose one for one set of paperwork and then changed it to Tobiah after reading about a group of Israelites who couldn’t prove their lineage, thereby losing their privileges as priests (Ezra 2). We read them to be a sort of orphan group. Tobiah was one of the heads of one of these groups. The name comes from a term meaning “God is good.” Indeed.

Our trip to China was a dream come true including a hike on a section of the Great Wall for 2 hours, eating a street-side vendors meat packets and dumplings and swimming on the 6th floor pool with our new son, maybe his first time in a pool.

The first few days we learned how to ask in Chinese if he needed food, water or a bathroom. We use the Chinese words for our immediate family members. He learned essential English words like play, time for a rest and go. He taught us “hi-yo” (more) and “ba” (up).

We gradually bonded and even cried together. He seemed to grieve his home. It makes sense since he loved to show us the people in the pictures given to us from his teachers. He has obviously been well fed, well loved and well taught. He has great manners, a good appetite and good sleeping habits.

Coming home and reconnecting with our older children has been good and painful. They so want to talk with Xuan Song, snuggle and laugh. He does laugh with them but the other things are still coming.

One of the main reasons we seriously considered adoption was our family. Our children love being around other children, younger and older. They are quite patient, are great at sharing their things and our daughter especially loves to teach little kids. Our son loves to help take care of little kids and is very patient.

Adoption has impacted my kids’ lives as much as mine, if not more. Our daughter talks about adopting when she grows up. Our church has a culture of adoption and we are fitting right in. We also realized along the way we know 20+ families who have adopted and more are joining that number.

I keep telling people that love kids that it really is possible financially and if that’s the only thing holding them back to ignore that barrier. Elijah’s Truth provided a grant, providing enough money for a plane ticket!

The main thing I have learned is that God is good. He provides. He calls us and when we respond to Him with submission, we find great happiness.

We are so grateful for the financial help in the midst of this process. It was really one of the only reasons we hesitated along the way. But we were amazed at how we were provided for along the way.

“My God will meet all your needs, according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” So true.


  The Grenz Family

Long before we knew each other, we’ve had the desire in our hearts to adopt. In college we both went to several other countries and were involved in working with and loving on street children. From those experiences, we encountered the reality that many children find themselves in throughout the world—fatherless and orphaned. We became very burdened to see God lead these children into homes and raise up fathers and mothers for them. As we continued throughout the years to pray for these children, our burden to adopt grew stronger. After moving to China in 2011, we became friends with a couple who leads a children’s home for orphans with special needs. Through this relationship we met him, the boy who would become our son. At the same time, we were leading prayer meetings for the ending of abortion and for an adoption movement in China. We soon realized that we were to be an answer to our own prayers and began pursuing to adopt our son.

As we have fostered and adopted Zadok, we have come to know what love is at a whole new level. We are learning how love is completely about sacrifice and the laying down of our own desires and feelings to give ourselves to another. We have seen the Father heart of God in ways we’d never known, and been confronted with the weakness is our own love. We have grown in patience, and have let go of making our lives neat and tidy for the sake of bringing into our home a child who had no one to call mommy and daddy. We have been tested in our affirmation that children are the most precious gift God gives, and that they are never a burden or a distraction, and our resolve in these truths has grown stronger through it all. We are so thankful for the process God has us on of changing our hearts and making us more like Him in love, and at the same time showing us who He is as Father.

We are so thankful to Elijah’s Truth and the donors who made it possible for us to receive an adoption grant. Being full-time missionaries who raise our own support, we knew it would require people being moved by God to support us to make our adoption possible. Your gift in our adoption will forever be part of our story and part of Zadok’s story, not just the financial gift, but the gift of love and hope and faith that you have walked out in love towards us and many others. Thank you!

Medders   The Medders Family

We adopted our son a little over two years ago. Thinking our family was complete with our fifth child, we did not anticipate adding to our family again. God had other plans. We received a call that our son’s birth mother was expecting again, and that she wanted the new baby to live with his older brother. We were asked if we would consider adopting again. What a decision we had to make! We had so many obstacles in the way, there was no way it could happen without God’s intervention. Having not expected to grow our family again, we had given away most of our baby-related items. Having not anticipated another adoption, we did not have any money saved for that purpose. Having five children already (with a modest single-earner income), we felt our resources were already stretched quite thin.

Despite all the reasons it would have been easy to say no, we decided that God was calling us to adopt again. We took a huge leap of faith to proceed with the adoption process, and just over a month after receiving the initial phone call, we were bringing our next son home. What a blessing it has been to have him in our lives!

It has been an amazing story to see how God has been faithful to provide for our needs. From selling items on Craigslist to working extra jobs to generous grants like those from Elijah’s Truth, we have been able to keep up with adoption-related expenses so far, thanks to the provision of our heavenly father. Every little bit helps, and we will forever be thankful for the financial assistance we have received.


  The Hagelstrom Family

Adoption is something that we always felt was going to be part of our lives; even before we were married we talked about adopting children. After we got married we knew right away that we wanted to start a family so we started trying to get pregnant. Month after month after month we tried but nothing was happening. We went to the doctor to see if anything was wrong but were just diagnosed as ‘unexplained infertility’. About a year and half after we were married we decided enough was enough and started the adoption process, embracing God’s plan for our family. In February of 2007 we started the adoption process and by June of that year we brought home a beautiful baby girl. She opened things in our lives and hearts that nothing else could come close to doing; she truly was a gift from God.

We felt the calling to adopt again when Lola was 3 but financial obligations stopped us. It took us a long time to get 100% back on our feet from adopting her. We also wanted her to be able to remain involved in all of her current activities such as dance, swimming, etc. Time kept passing by and adoption still wasn’t on the table simply because of finances. In the winter of 2012 we told ourselves that in January of 2013 we were going to adopt; we weren’t going to worry about the finances and trust God that He would handle that part of the process. So we started the adoption process and by April of 2013 we were homestudy ready. We still remember the day that we found out from Elijah’s Truth that we were receiving financial help for our future adoption - it was like a huge burden had been lifted off of our shoulders. We knew at that instance that God would take care of the finances and we should just enjoy the process because our child was coming soon.

We received the call June 4, 2013 that our son was born in Houston, TX just the day before. We were chosen by his amazing birthparents and it just felt surreal. We were told that we needed to come down to Houston as soon as possible, as he was ready to come home. We will never forget those words, OUR SON. We, as a family of 3, hopped in the van at 9:00pm that night to start our trek down to Houston to become a family of 4. It was a journey of a lifetime and a truly remarkable family vacation. The time in Houston was amazing and we will always cherish Elijah’s Truth for helping our dream come true of adding another child to our family.


  The Silbernagel Family

Adoption has been on our hearts for quite some time. We both felt that God was calling us to expand our family through this wonderful and powerful way. When we seriously talked about adopting, God provided many signs that reassured us that the time was right to start the process. While we knew financially it was scary and nerve-racking, we knew the God would provide as He was leading us on this journey.

Our little one was born 17 days early, but in perfect condition. From the moment we found out we were chosen, our lives were changed forever. Adoption gave us the ability to be parents, which we've both dreamed of being. Adoption has given us joy, happiness, smiles, laughs, and tears of joy. It's everything we imagined it would be, and then some! It's also given us the chance to share how God has worked a miracle in our lives through adoption. It's been a gateway to praise and celebrate all God has done for us! God is so good!

We are so thankful to Elijah's Truth, and all those who have donated money to the organization for providing us with a grant to help with our adoption! The grant allowed us to focus on bringing her home, and not on stressing about the financial aspects. Thank you, thank you!


  The Argetsinger Family

Our adoption story probably begins like many families who start this process. After the birth of our son we were not able to get pregnant and the doctors and medical professionals were not able to give us a reason as to why this was. All of our tests came back "normal" and after two and a half years of trying to conceive another baby and grow our family with no success, we felt this was a sign for us to close that door and look to other options. This was a difficult place to be in but at the same time we felt hope because one desire both Paul and I had before we were married was to adopt a child(ren). We didn't expect to be at this place so early in our marriage but we felt this was God's timing and way of showing us that this was ultimately His plan for us.

At first we didn't know which direction to go in or what resources were available to us. We initially found a lot of encouragement, guidance, and help by meeting with friends of ours from work and church who had adopted or were raised in families with biological and adopted children in the home and hearing their experiences and stories. After researching different adoption agencies online, we attended a few informational sessions and began praying for guidance on our next steps. These next steps were clearly shown to us as we were nearly finished with our home study and met a family who recently adopted their fourth child (first adopted) from Colombia. We learned that there were several waiting children available at this orphanage in Bogota and many of them had special needs of varying degrees. Honestly, we were not sure if we were ready to go down that road. However, after a good discussion in the car ride home from that meeting we knew that we needed to keep open minds and hearts about it and consider this door that was before us. In hindsight, we were so glad we did because once we saw her face we both felt a stirring in our hearts that this was to be our daughter. She was 20 months old at the time and immediately we wanted to know more about her. We didn't know what her needs were but we knew that she was to be ours.

From that point on, we felt that all of the paperwork, evaluations, money, and waiting were worth it. It is so beautiful to look back upon those months of struggle, tears, hardships, and the unknown to see the path God took us down to get us to where we needed to be...and to ultimately be with our daughter who was meant for us. We felt so much joy--the heartache diminished and the void in waiting to have more children to love and care for was filled. The love and support that we received from our family and friends to help us bring her home made our cup run over. She does have some minor physical needs that are correctable with surgery but from her personality and demeanor no one would ever know. She is a light in our life and we are grateful that God selected us to be her forever family...that we have the privilege of calling her our daughter.

We cannot thank the donors and the Elijah's Truth organization enough for coming alongside us to support us in our efforts to bring her home as well. It is a blessing to know that those we do not know were standing alongside us with their gifts and prayers. It was beautiful to see how on the very same day as our fundraiser we received a letter in the mail from Elijah's Truth stating that we were awarded an assistance grant. When we combined that grant, as well as the monies received from our fundraising event, we made our exact goal for the night to cover our flight expenses for our entire family to Colombia and back! We certainly serve and feel loved by our Father who lavishly loves upon His children and blesses them with good gifts.


Mason 2
  The Mason Family

We were placed with Moriah on June 19, 2012. We cannot fully explain the magnitude of joy, love, peace, and gratitude we felt on this day when we held our daughter for the first time. She was 1 month and 1 day old and the most precious bundle of joy our hearts could have imagined. God's soverignty through the two failed adoption matches experienced just two months before holding her comforted us as we looked upon our daughter's face. In the midst of those two failures and the heartache we experienced, we knew God's timing was perfect and that He was working in and for us in ways we never imagined. As we look back on the date of one of the situations that fell through, we cannot help but become overjoyed in realizing what an amazing God we serve. The day the second placement did not take place was the day our daughter was born! God knew...he KNEW how our family was to be crafted. Oh how we are thankful to serve such an almighty God!

God blessed us with finalizing the adoption on December 20, 2012. This Christmas as we celebrated the gift of our Savior, we celebrated how God worked through our lives to bring her to us, how God prepared our hearts through the months of paperwork, homestudies, profile reviews, matches, and placement, and how God provided to make the adoption possible. Elijah's Truth was a tremendous blessing for us as you provided a grant supporting us. With love like this and the generosity of organizations like Elijah's Truth we have been able to adopt our precious sweetheart and become a forever family. We also have had the pleasure to become connected with a ministry dear to our hearts! We hope to be able to give back to Elijah's Truth in the future to help other families; we want other families to be able to follow God's calling to be an adoptive family. The phrase 'thank you' truly does not capture the magnitude of appreciation we have for the love and support Elijah's Truth has provided us. You have helped forever change our lives. Praise be to our God!

We've attached some pictures of our family! From the bottom of our hearts...thank you!


The Rasmussen Family

We are so grateful to Elijah's Truth and all the donors who believe in & support adoption for the grant to help with the cost of our last adoption. We have been through this process 3 times now, and each time we are challenged by the rising costs adoption, yet we know our call to adopt is from God and we step out in faith, and God always provides!

We started our adoption paperwork last spring, finally finishing everything late in the summer. As the weeks of waiting for a match passed we entered into December, and the Advent season- a season of waiting, anticipating and preparation for Christmas, and celebrating Christ's birth. We wondered if we would be matched with a baby in 2012 or if we would enter the new year still waiting. On December 13th we received the call that a birth mom choose our family, the baby's due date was early January. Our family was so excited and began preparing for our baby's arrival. Five days later, December 18th, we received a call that our son was born! He was about 3 weeks early, but mom and baby were healthy. It was a whirlwind of packing, planning, getting our 3 other children to Grandpa & Grandma's and then traveling to meet our son. He is a beautiful, happy baby and we were so blessed to be able to bring him home in time to celebrate Christmas as a family. Our Christmas celebration was a little different this year as we scrambled to adjust, but we felt the message of Christmas in a more tangible way this year as we held our new baby. We are so grateful for the gift of God's son, Jesus, and His sacrifice on the cross to adopt us into His family as sons and daughters.


  The De Kruyf Family

God laid adoption on our hearts when we were dating. We discussed how we thought we would have biological children and then adopt children. We believe God heard that desire for adoption and so worked our lives to fit His purpose and best plan for our life. After struggling with infertility we decided very quickly that we wanted children and it didn’t matter how they came to our family. We quickly began the adoption process and during the process felt God was calling us to adopt a baby domestically through trans-racial adoption. Only a couple months after starting the process we welcomed our first daughter into our hearts and lives in 2006. Two years after that we felt God calling us to adoption again and we adopted our second daughter in 2008. We had a difficult journey to adopt both of the girls with failed matches and many ups and downs, but we know we got the right children at the right time and we know God was teaching us things we needed to know and learn to make us who we are today. In every one of our adoptions the finances were scary to us. Because our first adoption went so fast we did not get a chance to fundraise or apply for grants so needed to borrow the money needed for that adoption. We were still paying off a little bit of that loan when we started the process to adopt our second daughter. We worked very hard to fundraise and got some grants and were amazed that we raised the entire cost of her adoption and were able to pay off our other loan shortly after that. It is such an affirmation to have the financial support from organizations and family and friends that affirmed God’s call on our lives to adopt.

In January 2012 we felt that the time was right to start the adoption process again. We worked through the home study slowly and prepared all the things we needed to be a waiting family. Our home study was approved in April and we started to work on fundraising and applying for grants. We decided to not submit our profile book to be shown to prospective birth parents until we had raised much of the funds needed to adopt. However as soon as our agency knew our home study was done they started calling about situations asking if we wanted to be presented for. We decided that if the calls were coming and we were almost ready we would have ourselves considered for these babies. We sent some photos and a letter to be viewed by the prospective birth parents. A couple days later we were notified that the parents had chosen to parent their child. Then a week later another call came and we decided we better finish our profile book and get it sent in. We finished a book and had it printed and sent. The second situation the agency told us about did not work either, however before our profile book even got there, they called about the possibility of another baby. We weren’t sure if the situation would work out with the baby so we decided not to tell anyone about the possibility, but as the days went on we became more hopeful that this was the child God had planned for our family. One month after our home study was done we planned our trip to go get our 3rd daughter. She was born six weeks early and was in the NICU. We were able to go the hospital and meet her when she was 13 days old and surprised our extended family and friends with the news that we got a baby. We spent an additional 5 days in the NICU with her and a couple more days in state before traveling home. Her middle name was the name we had wanted for her as well as the middle name her birth mother chose for her. Having Faith through the adoption journey is so very necessary that the middle name Faith was very significant for us. Her big sisters were so excited to meet her and again we are made so aware of how God chose the right child for our family. With fundraising efforts and the help of Elijah’s Truth and other grant organizations we were able to fully fund our adoption again. We feel so incredibly blessed and thankful to be so supported and loved by family, friends, and grant organizations. Without their help our adoption would not have been possible. God has truly blessed our family and in no way can we say thank you enough to Elijah’s Truth and those who support Elijah’s Truth for making it possible for us to love and cherish our new little girl. We are blessed beyond anything we could have ever asked or imagined and adoption has been the greatest blessing in our life.

Trosen   The Trosen Family

We have been back now with our son for a little over 6 weeks now. He was a month early and so we had to do a little changing of our plans. When we started looking into adoption it was scary the thought of coming up with all the money but God in control the whole way and thankfully with your help we were able to bring our son home. He was born 4 weeks early so we had to stay in the NICU for 2 weeks. I am glad to report that we serve a God that cares for all our needs. I want to thank Elijah's Truth for all you do in helping people gain access to money to help with the adoption costs. God is a God that cares for all our needs.


  The Medders Family

For our family, adoption was a step in faith and an act of obedience to God. We felt strongly that God was calling us to adopt, and we decided as a family to follow that calling. Though we already had three biological children, we knew that our next family member was to enter our lives through the process of adoption.

The financial aspect of adoption was intimidating, but we knew that if adoption was God’s will, we would be able to secure the necessary funds. We lived sacrificially, setting aside as much money as we possibly could for many months. Our entire family – mom, dad, and children, too – sold many personal items online, and held garage sales to generate additional revenue. We were blessed to receive a grant from Elijah’s Truth as well. When we were finally selected as an adoptive family, we had sufficient funds to write a check for the amount due. What a blessing!

We are so glad that we followed God’s calling to adopt. We are thankful to have Watson as the newest member of our family. He brings such joy and laughter to all of us! He has such a sweet personality, constantly laughing and smiling at his parents and older siblings. We are so excited to have him in our lives. We are also thankful for organizations such as Elijah’s Truth that help families with the financial aspect of adoption.

carlberg   The Carberg Family

My husband and I have known that adoption would be a part of our family since we were married. Due to some health issues, having biological children was not the best option for us. Adoption has been a part of my life since I was a child. My family did foster care for a crisis pregnancy center and adoption agency growing up. Along with members of our family adopting, there are many families from our church that have adopted as well. Adoption was the way we felt led to grow our family. Our older son was adopted in Sept.'09. One of the biggest obstacles for us was financial. Within the past couple years, my husband's employer had gone through bankruptcy, and I had gone from full time to part time work to stay at home more with our son. We also had some changes with our placement agency that were unexpected and our adoption fees ended up being more that we were planning.

This was one of the many ways that God proved faithful in this journey. Through out the process we were very blessed and humbled by the financial gifts from family and friends, and strangers that made our forever family possible. In the adoption process for both of our children we feel that it is only through the confidence we have in the Lord that he has a plan for our family, that we made it through this journey. As I had mentioned, we had some unforeseen changes with our placement agency. We decided to no longer work with the original agency we were planning, and with in a couple weeks we had been matched with our daughter through a different agency. This agency was quite a bit more expensive than the original. We felt that God was calling us to step out in faith with this situation, so we began applying for more grants. Elijah's truth accepted our grant application and responded very quickly. God used Elijah's truth to let us know He would provide the funds and he was in control. We want to say thank-you to the donors that make the grant possible. God is using them and their gifts to make forever families and draw all of us closer to him!


  The Breegeman Family

We have one of those adoption stories that adoptive parents dream of, well secretly of course. One year ago we brought home the most darling baby girl, who we named Julianne. We where so blessed to by your grant of money that made her possible! So that was December 2010, and by September 2011 we had adjusted to being a famiy of four, we had one son already thru embryo adoption until one day driving to see my mom, because we had a house showing, as we were in the process of selling it. I remember the call, our Social Worker asked if we had heard from our birth mom, and I said that we hadn't for a few months, which was odd because we have a truely open adoption. I started to panic, that something was wrong. I felt God say have faith my child. Our social worker's next words almost had me in the ditch! She said our birth mom is pregnant again...I thought okay. I was thinking about sending her a text and supporting her thru this time. I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I almost missed her saying "she wants to place with you again!" WHAT!! I thought it hasn't even been a year, how can we afford this...again "have faith my child".

I told my family and they where speechless; I then called my mother-in-law at work, and she was speechless, and was glad that I had told her to sit down. My husband has yet to hear the news, so when he got home and was helping me out the kids in the van with his head in the van I told him our birthmom was pregnant, and quickly stated and she wants to place with us again....his head came out of the van so fast he almost hit is head! He simply looked at me and said, "well, God sure made this an easy decision." Well, we stated talking again with our birthmom and sharing photos. 1/9/12 she went into false labor, but we headed down anyway as we felt God tell us to go. We enjoyed hanging out before the sleepless nights started again:) We got the call at midnight on 1/11/12 that labor was underway and at 7 am on 1/12/12 our son was born.

I will backup just a little and explain that had we not traveled when we did we would have missed his birth, missed cutting the cord, missed bonding and visiting with our birthmom. The other God thing was that a storm blew up and our birth mom's social worker couldn't make the birth, she missed it by a whole hour. So, we really bonded with our birth mom! We encouraged her to stay in the hospital 48 hours and recover and hold our son. We visited and laughed and talked. After discharge birthmom, and her social worker and I went out for pedicures! We also had the honor of lunch with them, and had a black history lesson on soul food, and taste testing on whatever they place on our plate!! We stayed in the area for a week, and in that time saw our birth mom almost everyday!! It was such a God thing!! We are planning a trip down to visit her with all the kids in April! It was so fun to talk about our first adoption with her, and to talk about her fears of the kids hating her, and that since my husband and I loved her so much, they kids will love her too:) We are so blessed to have been awarded this grant because it means Parker is with his sister and we again get to show God's love to a young lady with so much heart. She is so much apart of our family, that I love being able to look at the kids and say you look just like your mom. God is so so good and we are blessed beyond words.

stocker   The Stocker Family

Since I was little I wanted to save all the children in the world. As I got older I realized that this wasn’t something that would be attainable but I did know that I could help in many ways. I began working with children when I was 16 and am currently still in the childcare field. When I got married I told my husband my plans to adopt and he thought I was a bit crazy but went along with the plan. We had 2 biological children and then I was told I wouldn’t be able to have any more children. I knew that this was a sign that I needed to adopt!

We began the adoption process in January of 2010 by filling out the paperwork and then meeting with our caseworker. We were very blessed to have a WONDERFUL caseworker, which made this first step of adoption very easy. We did start by going in the direction of foster to adopt but after much prayer decided infant domestic was the best for our family and with the ages of our other children it made sense. Our home study was approved in March and we began the waiting stage. We were matched in May and had a placement in June but after 2 days of having our little one we had to give her back. That was such an emotional journey and I wasn’t quite sure we were going to have the drive to continue on. After a few weeks we started again and were matched again in September. However, in October the little one was born and we again went trough the disappointment of a failed match. Once again we started the waiting process again. We were finally matched again in December and our little one was born in January. We had to over come so many obstacles and the journey was filled with so many emotions but it is totally worth every moment! To make it through we needed to pray…. We prayed every step of the journey!

Adoption has changed our lives completely! I knew it would be a wonderful experience but I never knew how much I would learn. My husband and I learned so much about each other and what was important. We learned how blessed we truly are and how our boys are impacted by every decision we make. They have been through all of the emotions with us but have continued praying and have been pretty resilient. We have learned about the impact we can have on others lives. We will also always have the wonderful people involved in our adoption with us forever. We have met so many great people and have had many people praying for us on our journey. We are so thankful to Elijah’s Truth for the grant money that made our adoption possible. The cost of adoption is very high and we are just normal people trying to make a difference! We are so blessed to have Elijah’s Truth as part of our adoption story. Thank you so much for helping us fund our adoption. We will forever be grateful.

Church   The Church Family

Like many young girls, I dreamed of adopting as soon as I understood what an orphan was. While discussing marriage, many years later, with the man that I would soon be marrying, we decided that adoption would be part of the way we would grow our family. The more we learned about adoption, the struggles and the triumphs, the more we felt that this was definitely where the Lord was leading us. After our biological daughter was born, we were determined our next child would be added to the family via domestic adoption.

We began feeling called specifically to minority adoption when we learned that these little ones are considered "hard to place." We wanted to love and parent a child who perhaps would have less of a chance of being matched with a family. However, we wondered how in the world we would ever come up with all the fees necessary in an infant adoption. And really, up until the week that we were matched and got placement, we didn't have enough! This was one of the most difficult things to trust God with, because the number was so big, but at the moment that we needed it, the money became available.

Adoption, to us, is one of the most amazing and beautiful miracles that God has brought about. He takes a tough, or impossible situation and creates a family from it. We are so incredibly thankful for our son, and all of the caring, Spirit-led individuals who have helped unite us with him, including those who work for and contribute to Elijah's Truth. Without this and other granting agencies, we would not have been able to cover the placement fee, and we are incredibly blessed and humbled by these gifts. May the Lord bless all who give of themselves in this way!!

the Church Family


  The Oaks Family

We have always considered adoption from the first time the subject of kids came up. My mom was adopted as a teenager from Germany and his comes from a family where adoption entered because of a re-marriage. It seems that the word adoption was tattooed on our hearts. Eight years and two biological children later and the word adoption continued to blaze in our hearts. There was no doubt that God wanted us to step out in faith regardless of money, and trust that this is where we are to serve Him. The minute we stepped into God’s plan we began to see His hand over the journey.

We knew that God would provide the way if this is where we were supposed to be. We had saved up a bit of money to get started and figured we would tuck away more as we went. Boy were we surprised when we were rushed through the end of our homestudy because our agency found a perfect match. The bigger surprise...she was due in one month! We were nervous, how would we find that money? We were so blessed that Elijah's Truth was one of the answers. They surprised us with the way they were able to expedite the grant in order to be sure we had the placement fee when we needed it. Truly we feel they were used to give us a miracle!

We've been blessed to have our sweet baby for nearly two months now. It is crazy for us to think about how quick things went. The time from turning in our formal adoption application to placement was exactly 3 months. We know that none of this would be possible without God; and, we are thankful for the grant that allowed us to pay for the paperwork. We are forever changed by this adoption. It has helped us see what God did when He sent Jesus to die for us, so that we could be adopted into His family. Adoption truly demonstrates sacrificial love on every side. Thank you all for making it possible!! The Oaks


  The Holmes Family

We talked about adopting before we were married. My husband has a sister who is adopted and I have three siblings who are adopted. We adopted our first child in 2001, a beautiful daughter, she was one month old when we took placement of her. Since then we have had two birth children, but we have also had problems along the way. We decided in March of 2009 that we wanted to adopt again. In September of 2009 we were matched with a baby girl. I went for the birth of the baby in November and the birthmother backed out the day before we were to take placement. It was devastating. It was a long and hard wait, but God showed His faithfulness to us!

In January of 2011 we met our baby girl in the hallway of a Missouri hospital right after delivery. She is beautiful and now on the other side of the “waiting” she was worth every minute. The cost of our adoption turned out to be more than we anticipated; but wow, how God blessed us! Thank you to Elijah’s Truth and to all of the donor’s who gave to help us bring our little girl home! And thank You, God for creating our family!

The Gulker Family

Our adoption journey has been in the works for many years. We had talked about the possibility of adopting even before we got married but it wasn't something that was seriously discussed until a little over 2 years ago. At that time we were blessed with 4 wonderful children, 2 girls & 2 boys. We knew that with 4 children already that this would be a challenge but God was tugging on our hearts. ...God was very deliberate about the path that He wanted us to start on. After much research into all the adoption options, we knew we were called to pursue a domestic adoption. We started our adoption process in February 2010. Like many couples, the financial aspect is extremely scary & most of us don't have that kind of money just sitting in the bank. We knew we had to do fundraisers & apply for grants for this adoption to be possible. God blew us away again & again in our efforts! God is so good!

We felt so blessed to be given a grant by Elijah's Truth. We know that many families will shy away from taking on this process simply because of the financial aspect & we are thankful for organizations like Elijah's Truth that helps families like us. We were blessed with a son in March of 2011 & we can't wait to see what God has in store for us through the rest of his story.

  The Breeggemann Family

My husband and I cannot have children, so adoption has always been our 1st option. We were so scared of the financial piece of any adoption story. With grant agencies like yours, you help make adoption possible! So thank you.

We were blessed with a daughter.  Our birth mom is amazing, thinking of things to help us bond with her.  We learned just how faithful God is in all the details!  We couldn't believe all God gave us with this adoption.

We are so thankful for our daughter.  She is worth every long waith, every penny, and every stressful moment!  Thank you Lord and thank you Elijah's Truth.

  The Olson Family

In the fall of 2009, Maria and I each felt like the Lord was prompting us to expand our family through adoption. James 1:27 was laid upon our heart; in this verse, we are commanded to take care of orphans and widows. The Lord has adopted us into His family apart from anything that we have done, so we decided to expand our family through adoption. This December (2010) our beautiful baby girl was born. She is precious.

One the hurdles that we had to overcome was the cost of adoption. We were surprised to find out that adoption is so expensive. We eventually decided that, because this was God’s idea, He would take care of the finances. Elijah’s Truth gave us a grant that helped alleviate some of the costs. We are so appreciative to all the donors that gave to Elijah’s Truth that made the grant possible. Throughout this process, we have learned so much. We serve a big, sovereign God and he is in control of all things.

Because of our adoption journey, we now have a beautiful, precious girl. She truly is a gift from God. The Lord, from the beginning of time, knew that she would be our daughter and we are so, so grateful for those who played a role in our adoption journey.

  The Johnson Family

We have wanted to become parents, but have been unable to conceive. After much thought, discussion & prayer, we felt the Lord had called us to become parents through adoption. We didn’t know how this would happen or how we could financially make it work. All we knew was this is what we’d been called to do and we were very excited about beginning this journey.

We soon found out it wasn’t as easy as just making the decision to adopt. One of our biggest challenges was having patience not knowing when we’d be chosen by a birth family. We found comfort in knowing that the Lord has a plan for us and we’d be matched with the right child when His time was right. Of course, there were also financial obstacles with the adoption. We applied for grants, saved as much as possible and prayed it would all work out, which it has.

This adoption has completely changed our lives. It’s been an unforgettable experience and the end result, our baby, is too amazing for words. Our son has been an absolute blessing to us and our families. We know that adoption is an act of God, and we feel blessed that we were chosen to parent this way. The grant we’ve received from Elijah’s Truth has helped us to finalize our adoption. We are so grateful to the generous donors for this gift. To return the favor, we hope to someday become donors to Elijah’s Truth. We are so appreciative of this gift we’ve been given.

Thank you & Blessings
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